Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer 2012 Color Trend : Hot Pink and Vibrant Teal

The other day, I decided to wander about my local drugstore. In truth, I entered the store to buy a coke, but something else (something bright and sparkly :-) caught my eye. The other day, I posted about my new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Animal Instinct. They are animal print over a hot pink background. I was in love with the gorgeous colors and the ease of application. However, I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to use the product all of the time. Well, I believe that I have found a middle ground and I am so excited to show my photos!! I found...the most gorgeous, most vibrant, most sparkly nail polishes ever!!

The polishes are by Color Club. I chose the bright glittery teal and hot pink. Also at the store was a bright orange version which I will undoubtedly return to pick up. The teal color is called 'metamorphosis' and the hot pink is called 'wing fling'. 'Wing Fling' looks identical to the hot pink in my beloved 'animal instincts' nail stickers. The polishes retailed at $4.99 each.

When I saw these, a brilliant idea came to mind. I can use these polishes to help "stretch out" my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. You see, they come 16 in a pack but separated into two packets of 8 each. I'm thinking I will use eight stickers (four on each hand) and then paint my ring fingers with the corresponding Color Club Polish. I'll even add some rhinestones and decals so that it looks like an "accent nail". The nail stickers I applied earlier in the week are still looking great, but, when I go to redo my nails, I will repost to show everyone how I got on with my plan.

Since I came up with this brilliant idea to stretch my money, I needed more nail stickers to test out the plan with. I bought another set of my "Animal Instinct" and also picked up "You're a Star" - a bright iridescent teal with black stars.

Like I said, I'll take pictures after I've tested my plan. For now, my manicure from earlier in the week looks exactly the same as the day I did it. This says a lot since polish usually chips on me after a day or two.

I bought my polishes at Rite Aid, but, I can't find them on the website. However, I've just "googled" it and found them for $3.25 on ebay (now I feel a little ripped off :-). Definitely check them out if you like bright colors. I will definitely be sporting these polishes around the pool this summer.

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