Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring and Summer 2012 Color Trend : Turquoise / Aqua

I just got back from one of my favorite places - Nordstrom. Affectionately, I call Nordstrom "the mothership", as I feel as though I emanated from it - a place where I will be able to find almost anything that my heart desires. While I was having a browse, I was inspired by all of the colors. Bright blues, greens, and oranges filled the store. I wrote a few posts back about some of my favorite orange beauty products. To read that post and see swatches, click here.

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is that we go from neutrals to bright, bold, colors. I find it uplifting and see it as a reminder that nomatter how hard the winter of my life may be, the beauty of summer will always come again. Today's post is dedicated to the color turquoise and its little cousin, aqua.

I was so inspired by colors today that I rushed home to add a little more color to my life - by painting my toes. Most beauty bloggers paint fingernails to show off, but, I'm a bit lazy with my fingers since I work with my hands - polish rarely stays looking nice on my fingers. Honestly, I must apologize for my feet - they are not the most dainty, but they are mine and I shall have to accept them as they are. Here are my aqua toes. If anyone is interested, my cute bow flip flops are by Guess. They are called the Tutu flipflop. I bought them at - Surprise! - Nordstom.

I started off my painting my toes with Color Club Neon Nail Polish in Age of Aquarius. I received this little sample in my April Birchbox. Then, I topped it off with a golden glitter top coat by OPI. Here are the products I used.

While I was in my beauty bin, I decided to pull out one of my favorite matching eyeshadows. Aquadisiac by MAC is a beautiful shimmering aqua. If I want a simple look. I will just sweep Aquadisiac on my eyelids, curl lashes, and use tons of black mascara. It looks lovely with a tan.

My last turquoise colored love is my new bracelet that I ordered from Silpada. The company works a bit like Avon or Tupperware parties. You attend a party and play with jewelry. The bracelet I bought is about to be retired. I have no idea why though since it is absolutely adorable.

So there you are - my obsession with the spring and summer color trend continues. Thumbs up for the courage to put my toes on the internet.


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    1. It lasts on the nails for a long time too :-) I had it on my fingernails for almost a week before it started to chip :-)