Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bright Summer Pink Nail Polish : Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!! I love it when Cinco de Mayo is on the weekend. Although I'm much less of a party-er than I used to be, it is still much more comforting to know that any partying that I do will not end in a rude awakening at 7 am tomorrow morning. Today has come to a very slow start. I am starting to decide on what to do today, what to wear, etc. I want something vibrant and festive for the holiday.

Coincidentally enough, I had been scrolling through some of my old facebook pictures and found this.

I was obsessed by this Chanel Nail Polish in Rose Insolent for the longest time. It is actually my only nail polish by Chanel. With those prices of $26 combined with grad school tuition bills, Chanel polish definitely goes into the "I'm going to find a dupe for that one" pile. However, during wealthier days, I bought this polish from Nordstrom and just checked - it is still available. I just dug it out of the nail polish bin and am off to paint my nails. Have fun everyone!!

By the way, for anyone wondering "What is Cinco de Mayo?". I mean, really...what is it? I've asked my husband - the resident Hispanic culture expert and he tells me that it is the celebration of Mexico's victory over Napoleon? Apparently, there was an epic battle in which the people of Mexico were greatly outnumbered and pretty much doomed to failure - but they won! Woo hoo! That's definitely worth wearing bright pink over!!

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