Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sparkly Red Lip - A.K.A I Love Glitter

This morning, I felt like playing with my face. It is Sunday, and what better thing is there to do on a lazy Sunday morning other than have a little girlish fun. Some may say that I am a bit too old for glitter. At nearly 32 years old, perhaps, they would be right. However, I embrace my individuality and today I felt like doing something sparkly. Here is what I came up with - a sparkly red lip.

It was quite simple - red lipstick, red lipliner, and a bit of glitter on top. Try though I may, my camera still refuses to take pictures which reflect the vibrancy which was in real life.

The products that I used were Make Up Forever Aqua Lipliner in 8c, Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Paris, and MAC Glitter in Reflects Pearl.

I've done swatches of the Chanel Lipstick and Make Up Forever Lipliner just in case anyone is interested in buying these and would like to see what they look like.

I had planned from the start to apply the MAC glitter. However, I took a picture pre-glitter for those who would prefer a less sparkly look.

I'd like to say that I was all professional, and gently dabbed the glitter on with a lip brush. It was just so much easier and time efficient just to stick my finger into the glitter pot and tap it over top of my lips. (There is glitter on the floor now, though :-)

There are so many ways to wear a red lip. If you'd like to see my bolder, slightly more gothic red lip, click here.

What is your favorite way to wear red? Any favorite products?

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